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Kitah Hey (5th Grade) Class Update

Dear Hey 1 and 2 Parents,

We wish to provide you with an update about what we have been learning in class:


We have reviewed the story of Purim and answered the questions: who, what, when, where and why. There are some who say that this story never happened. We discussed what we can learn from the Purim story, what are its messages to us?


We continue to work on our reading. I believe that this ongoing practice has helped to improve the reading of many of our students.

Our most recent story is about “Prayer from the Heart.” I told the students a famous story about a little boy who really wanted to pray, but didn’t know how. The kids were very taken with this story. The most important thing in prayer is “meaning it” when one prays.

We are learning about suffixes and possessive pronouns used to identify to whom a word is referring. Examples are: yours, mine, his, etc. Root words are a constant focus. These help students find the meanings of words they think they don’t know.


We are continuing with the life of Abraham and his family. We discussed the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham’s arguing with God over the saving of righteous people if at least 10 could be found, the birth of Isaac, the covenant between God and His people, Brit Milah, and the difficult story of the Akeda (the Binding of Isaac ).

I recently bought a set of buzzers that make dramatic sounds that greatly enhance our frequent “Bible Contests”. I would like to renew my request from last month’s letter and hopefully get some help: One of the fun ways we are review the text is by having skits that the students make up based on the current text being covered. If any of you have white/brown/beige flat sheets, or other materials that can be used as biblical costumes, scarfs for head dresses (like what traditional Arabs use today) and walking sticks or staffs (it’s amazing how many of them want to portray old people with canes), we would love to have anything you can give us. It would greatly enhance the fun of our plays!


We are only starting our unit on Israel now because of our snow days. We have talked about a brief history of Israel and did preliminary map work. If your family has any pictures or stories to share about trips to Israel, we would love to use them to further engage our students’ interest.

It continues to be a pleasure to work with your children.

Chag Purim Sameach,

Mary and Susie

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