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Kitah Hey (5th Grade) Update

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Mary's Update

Dear Hey 1 and 2 Families,

Our Living Museum exhibit and Grand Opening is rapidly approaching and we are all very excited. We have received many amazing artifacts and we can’t wait for you to see them at our Grand Opening on Sunday, Feb. 3.

Here is a summary of what we have been working on:

Ivrit (Hebrew)

We continue to practice our reading with the goals of increasing fluency and confidence. Some of our reading practice was from highlights of the Torah Service. Please ask your student why the Torah is referred to as a “tree of life.” We have also completed a review of our previous unit of study which incorporated key vocabulary and phrase we have learned.

Tu B’Shevat

Judaism has something to say about everything. Our classes learned about many of the things which Judaism has to say about trees, nature, the environment and animals. Our sources even deal with pollution going back over 1000 years! We also spoke about “Bal Tashchit” (do not destroy), and students worked on beautiful projects with their hevruta (partner).

I look forward to seeing you all on February 3rd for the Grand Opening of our Living Museum. RSVP HERE.



Susie's Update

Dear Hey 1 & 2 Parents,

We hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Hanukkah with your families. It is my pleasure to provide you with an update of what we have been doing in class:


We have started studying the life of Abraham and his family. We have had dramatic skits based on some of the midrashim about Abraham the iconoclast destroying the idols in his father’s workshop when he was younger, and his thought processes that led him to the conclusion that there was one God who ruled over the whole world. We also had “interviews” with the different characters to speculate what it might have felt like to be Abraham and Sarah. We engaged in Hevruta study with partners to learn to read Torah texts carefully to derive the deeper meanings that are not always evident on first read.

The students are paying attention as they read about Abraham’s life and are starting to put together a character sketch based on what the text tells us his deeds were. This led to discussions about how we should judge people, especially friends--not by what they say they will do but by what they actually do. We talked about politicians and others we know about and how difficult it sometimes is to really know a person. God looks at our deeds rather than our intentions, but we can’t always know people’s thoughts and what they intend to do.



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