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Kitah Vav (6th-grade) Class Update

Dear In-Person/Kitah-Vav Families,

Presently we are studying about the Conquest of the Promised Land with Joshua as the Israelite leader.

We’ll soon begin the selected narratives from the Book of Judges (Shoftim); primarily from 4 of the Shoftim: Ehud ben Gera, Deborah, Gideon and Samson.

We will bridge the time period of the Books of Joshua and Judges to the Books of Samuel 1 & 2. The period of the Judges ends in a dysfunctional and fragmented society for the Israelites, and this chaotic time gave rise to their desire for a King.

The Israelite Monarchy begins with King Saul, and then King David. David is an important biblical figure who united Israel and established Jerusalem as its Religious and Political Capital. We will continue with King David’s son, Solomon, as 3rd King of Israel, the building of the 1st Temple, and what transpires leading to the division of the united nation into 2 states, Israel and Judah, following the reign of Solomon.

Wishing You All a Happy & Healthy 2022!



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