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Kitah Vav Update

Updated: May 15, 2019

Dear Kitah Vav Parents

Here are some reflections of our classroom studies since returning from our Pesach/Spring Break:

Shoah is the Hebrew word for the Holocaust. Students explored five separate stations in the classroom, learning about life and conditions at Auschwitz. We also viewed a survivor story, “Kids Meet a Holocaust Survivor”/Henry Friedman on HiHo Kids

We studied and discussed the film Paper Clips, a true story about a rural Tennessee middle-school class who asked the question when studying the Holocaust, “What does the number 6 Million actually look like?”. They launched a project that influenced people all over the world in an engaging, beautiful lesson on prejudice, stereotypes and tolerance.

Our last few days of the school year will be spent learning about the State/Land of Israel in Modern times (Israel as a “Start-Up” Nation), its many ethnic groups, culture, arts, technology, and contributions to the world.

We’ll finish with an overview as we look back on the year’s studies. The Torah Service, Kashrut, Holidays, Yad LaTorah, etc. The year has moved by amazingly fast and it’s hard to believe we will be saying “L’hitraot” (see you again) and Shalom for the summer.

Rabbi Danny Ettedgui

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