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Updates from our Head of School

Dear Parents,

As we approach the middle of our school year (can you believe it?!), I want to invite you to continue your partnership with us and make every effort to connect with your child’s teacher by making an appointment for a Parent-Teacher-Student Conference during the second week in December. It is important for ALL families to note that on Sunday, December 8, Monday, December 9, and Tuesday, December 10, these conferences will take place DURING school hours and INSTEAD of classes.

We STRONGLY encourage you to come to your scheduled conference time WITH your child, so that any information about your child’s educational journey can be shared, and plans for their trajectory during the remainder of the academic year can be a mutual conversation in which they actively participate.

Since many of our students have the benefit of two teachers at Talmud Torah this year (in grades 3-7), please be sure to make your conference appointments with your child’s “homeroom” teacher (that is, the teacher that they see FIRST when they arrive at TT each day). Your child’s other teacher will have already provided additional feedback to the homeroom teacher for them to share with you.

Of course, if after your conference you want to follow-up with your child’s other teacher, they will be happy to connect with you at an alternative time. If you need additional information to determine who your child’s homeroom teacher is, please feel free to reach out to our office. To access the online Parent-Teacher-Student Conference scheduler, please click here.

Kay and I extend our very best wishes to you and your extended family for a wonderful and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday experience!


Hazzan Jeremy Lipton, Head of School

P.S. For our 125th anniversary, we’d like to ask for your support. From generation to generation, we rely on you to continue our important work. Together, we ensure all students are able to benefit from our engaging educational programming, regardless of need. Help us to continue to educate future Jewish leaders! Click here to donate!

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