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Updates from Our Head of School

A special Havdalah at our Taste of TT event. See all photos here!

As I reflect upon the many successes that we have already shared together at Talmud Torah this year, I am extremely aware that it takes a “village” to achieve our goals of providing all of our students and their families with meaningful experiences that lead to living intentionally Jewish lives. Our collaborative “village” consists of passionate/dedicated educators, staff, and lay leaders, eager/curious learners, as well as supportive/committed families (that’s you!!).

What you may not always be aware of are the behind-the-scenes activities and individuals that create the framework for our seemingly-seamless interactions. Although we have a relatively small administrative staff, they are vital in providing the strong support and transparent communications that are the hallmark of our school.

You most-certainly are cognizant of the ongoing presence of our remarkable Communications and Marketing professional, Shoshana Mann, who has been (and continues to be!) an extremely valued member of our staff since November, 2018. Until this past July, Shosh wore multiple “hats" on behalf of our school, including serving as the key point-person for families regarding all things Talmud Torah. However, for the past few months, we have been pleased to welcome Asha Lundgren to our team as our Administrative Coordinator.

Some of you may have already had the opportunity to meet Asha, whether in-person on campus, or through email or phone contact, with questions about students, attendance and/or absences, schedules, events, or other school-related logistics. Asha’s energy, organization, attention to detail, sense of purpose, and remarkable work ethic provide ongoing support for our students, families, and faculty alike. Her value to and engagement with our community is amplified by her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies, and the immersive, transformational experiences she has had while traveling in Israel.

Both Shosh and Asha are dedicated to the continued vitality of our school community. I am constantly grateful for their professional presence and support of our core mission and values. I encourage you to reach out to them at any time, but especially to thank them for their invaluable contributions to our students’ success!


Hazzan Jeremy Lipton, Head of School

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