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Updates from our Head of School

Dear Talmud Torah Families,

We have all been overwhelmed with the changes that have presented themselves within a very short period of time. Who would have thought, even a month ago, that we would be scrambling to figure out how to accomplish tasks that have been a natural part of our daily and weekly routines? But here we are, making the best of our unprecedented circumstances of “social distancing,” and finding new and creative ways to come together while physically apart.

Case in point are our new, temporary distance learning programs at Talmud Torah. In offering content, projects, and virtual classes through Zoom, our goal has been to provide a variety of opportunities for your children to participate in exploring their Jewishness in meaningful ways. Our faculty and staff have been remarkable in their commitment and creativity to deliver content and much-needed support to our students and their families! And families have been amazing in adapting to the necessary changes, juggling their time, supervision, household structure, access to digital devices, books, handouts, worksheets, school and work schedules, and a myriad of other details! And yet, through it all, our students ARE continuing to learn, connect, engage, and grow, both personally and Jewishly, with each interaction. No doubt, our plans will continue to evolve, and we will stay in close communication with you as they do.

I thank all of you for your partnership and flexibility as we continue to provide your students with the tools for living intentionally Jewish lives!


Hazzan Jeremy Lipton

Head of School

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