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Vav (6th-grade) Curriculum Overview

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Dear Vav (6th Grade) Families,

Below, please see our curriculum overview for 2021-2022/5782. I’m looking forward to working with you and your students this coming year. We have a lot of great activities and lessons to come!

These are the Main Units of Study for the Year:

Etgar Unit on Kashrut: Primary Text Sources from the Torah and how they are interpreted. Defining the term Kosher as “Fit/Proper/Sanctioned” for Jews to apply to many Mitzvot (e.g. Mezzuzah, Tefillin, Lulav & Etrog…). Themes are: Dietary changes in the Torah; What makes these Kosher? Land Animals, Fish, Fowl and prohibitions of Kashrut. Jewish Symbols of Kashrut (Hekhsher); Supervision of Kashrut (Mashgiach); Shechitah (Kashrut Slaughter practices); Secondary reasons for Kashrut; respect for life, discipline, peoplehood, compassion for animals, etc.

Etgar Unit on The Choreography of the Torah Service Supplemented with Yad LaTorah Project: Students learn the importance of knowing the why the Torah service is conducted with a specific “staging” (why is it carried around, why is it lifted, etc.); Roles of a Torah reader, Gabbai, congregant, Oleh/Olah (Aliyah), where/when to stand, the use of a Pointer (Yad La’Torah); how a Torah Scroll is constructed and the process of a Torah Scribe. Students design and put together their personal Yad La’Torah.

Units on the Books of Nevi’im (Prophets): Appreciating the transition of Leadership from Moses to Joshua, Joshua to Judges (Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Samson), Judges to King Saul, Saul to David and David to Solomon. Also understanding the role of the prophet in guiding the leaders of ancient Israel. Understanding the placement of these narratives/Books within the TaNaKh (Jewish Canon).

Holidays: Torah/TaNaKh Source Texts and rabbinic guidelines (e.g. what constitutes a Kosher Sukkah) (With an emphasis on Passover as it relates with our dietary restrictions in our Kashrut Unit); How are the Holidays celebrated in Israel and comparing that to observance outside of the Land of Israel.

Israel: Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Independence and Memorial Day), Developing/New Technologies and Cultural Influence (the arts & Sciences). Emphasizing how Israel exemplifies Jewish Values at home and throughout the world.

Bar/Bat MitzvahSupport: In the form of Students practicing essential Tefillah (prayer) and/or Torah, Haftarah reading. The Unit on the Choreography of the Torah Service and our Study of Nevi'im (Prophets) support this effort.

Please feel at ease to contact me!

Rabbi Daniel (Danny) Ettedgui

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