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5th Grade (Kitah Hey) Welcome

HEY 1 & 2

Dear Kitah Hey (5th grade ) Parents,

We are Susie Chalom and Mary Baumgarten, the teaching team who will be teaching your child in the Hey (5th grade) class at Talmud Torah this year on Sundays (9:00 AM - 12:00 noon) and on Wednesdays (4:00 - 6:00 PM).

We are very excited to be teaching the Hey (5th grade) classes this year. This is a year of beginnings as your child begins the process of preparation at Talmud Torah and at your synagogue (in the Shabbat program) towards her/his Bat/Bar Mitzvah.

Your child’s year at TT will be spent learning about :

  • Hebrew

  • Torah and its narratives in the Book of Genesis and its core values

  • Jewish Living (holidays and Shabbat ), expanding and deepening what they learned in previous years

  • T’fillah (Prayers ) both reading and chanting as well as learning the themes and concepts the Shabbat prayers express

  • Israel its geography, history, leaders and the special connection Jews around the world feel towards “Artzenu” (Our country)

As we progress through the year, we will flesh out the curriculum for you.

Our goals in teaching these units, is for students to:

  • Find personal relevance in the stories and prayers learned

  • Study about Jewish History and engage personally in his/her family’s part of the story by taking part in creating a “Jewish Living Museum”

  • Evolve to a more mature view of the holidays

  • Strengthen their Jewish identity and feel great pride in being part of the Jewish People.

We look forward to creating a strong partnership with you as you join us with Talmud Torah as we strive to create a strong community together!


Susie Chalom and Mary Baumgarten

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