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Kitah Gimel (3rd-grade) Class Update

Dear Kitah Gimel (3rd-grade) families,

We can’t believe it’s almost spring! Now that we can feel the warmer weather approaching we are looking forward to the growth and renewal that comes with this time of year.

Students explored the Purim story, reading about Esther’s Ometz Lev, her courageous heart, and reflecting on their own courage with “What would you do?” scenarios. We learned about the Megillah and how it differs from the Torah scroll we are so familiar with, and identified the many symbols we associate with Purim like Mishloach Manot. In our journals, students had the opportunity to create their own Purim page, and we were so impressed with their creativity! Some students made their own Megillah by rolling up sheets of paper, and others wrote their own Megillah story, switching out the characters we know for characters in their favorite books and movies. Others constructed their own Mishloach Manot baskets from scratch! To complete our unit, we enjoyed a fun Purim Party complete with delicious hamantaschen, music videos, trivia games, and silly mad libs. We loved learning about Purim together in class, and enjoyed seeing you at Beth El and Adath’s Purim Carnivals, too!

We wish your family well and a Chag Purim Sameach!


Polly & Debby


Dear Kitah Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd-grade) Parents,

The Bet/ Gimel students continue to be amazing. They really care about their classmates and enjoy learning together. I continue to be impressed by their Mentshlekhkeyt. They love being Jewish and learning together.

The ETGAR unit for Purim focuses on the role courage (Ometz Lev) plays in the story of Esther. During the course of this unit, the students have taken the events of the story and related what happened to Esther, Mordecai, and other characters in the story to times in their own lives when having courage was important for themselves and others. In addition, they studied the three blessings for: reading from the Megillah, the Nisim (miracles of the holiday,) and the Shehecheyanu for experiencing a special event in their lives.

The students continue to improve their Hebrew reading skills. The Gimel students are learning more advanced reading skills while learning to read prayers and blessings. Bet is making good progress in basic reading skills. As our holiday units change from Purim to Pesach, students will be using their reading skills more and more to learn new skills for prayers and holiday observance.

HaMorah Etta

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