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Kitah Gimel (3rd-grade) Update


Dear Kitah Gimel families,

We hope you had a restful and peaceful Pesach break! We loved hearing stories about where our students found the afikoman at their Seder, and are so excited to continue learning together.

In class before break, we explored many different aspects of Passover. We began the unit with an important conversation around freedom, asking ourselves what we are free and not free to do in our lives and how we are grateful for the freedoms that we have. We read and asked questions about the Passover story, learned about the symbols on the Seder plate, sang the 4 Questions, and even practiced setting our own Passover Seder table! Looking forward to our last unit where we will learn about all things Israel. We will observe and celebrate Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut, and learn about the geography and culture of Israel.

It’s amazing to see the growth each one of our students has made since the beginning of the year. We are so proud of them and are excited to finish the year strong!


Polly & Debby


Dear Kitah Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd-grade) Parents,

The Bet/ Gimel students always come ready to learn. It is a pleasure to see them grow as a classroom community.

For the Pesach holiday, the Gimel students built on the skills from last year, reviewing the 4 Questions, then exploring the Haggadah. The students learned the 14 steps of the Seder as well as many of the songs for our Seder.

Students continue to practice their reading skills. They work on specific skills, often more advanced than what was covered last year. In addition, they have been studying prayers and the Hebrew skills involved in understanding the prayers. For example, the students have learned that Hebrew words have root letters. Hebrew words with the same roots form a word family, with related meanings. Bet also is making good progress in basic reading skills. Pesach has provided ample opportunities to use these reading skills and learn some new letters and vowels while working to master reading the 4 Questions.

As we finish our school year, we will continue learning about Israel and why Israel is important for all Jews. We will learn about the spring Israeli holidays and their significance.

It is always a pleasure to teach your students. May they continue to go from strength to strength.

HaMorah Etta Bernstein

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