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Kitah Gimel (3rd-grade) Update

Dear Kitah Gimel (3rd-grade) families,

We can’t believe a whole year has passed by us already! What a relief that this year we were able to spend most of our time together in person. Being together as a community was always a highlight of our week, and we always ended class with our spirits lifted and a smile on our faces. One of our favorite things about TT is the community connection that we have with our students and families.

In Debby’s class, the students worked incredibly hard the last couple of months to get through as much of our Hebrew book as possible. I don’t know that I have ever seen such motivation in kids to really master a language. We learned so much new vocabulary this year, improved reading skills, played games, and then, to relax, we would have a taste of Torah. This included reading from The Child’s Bible which is a wonderful resource for Torah stories. I hope the kids will review their Hebrew over the summer. If you would like some resources for kids, let me know and I would be happy to provide them.

In Polly’s class, we took a virtual trip to Israel, visiting beautiful cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. In Jerusalem, we explored the Old City and learned about how it is made up of four quarters. We visited the Western Wall and learned about the history of the holy site. Finally, we strolled down the streets of Mahane Yehuda and learned about all the delicious Israeli foods. In Tel Aviv we visited Google’s headquarters and learned about some amazing Israeli innovations, and in Haifa, we visited the beautiful Baháí Gardens. By the end of our Israel unit our students became experts in Israel’s geography!

We could not have asked for a more wonderful group of students to work with this year. Their resilience, flexibility, and humor allowed us to work together and create a close knit Kitah Gimel community. We are so proud of how much our students have grown and are honored to have been their teachers this year. It took a strong team to create a successful classroom, and you were a vital part of that team. Thank you for showing your dedication to Jewish learning this year and helping your students reach their full potential in our classroom. We wish you and your families a wonderful summer break and can’t wait to see you next year!


Polly and Debby

Edible bonfires for Lag BaOmer.


Dear Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd-grade) Parents,

I can’t believe this school year is finished. I have known most of these students for at least 2 years. During that time, I have watched them grow physically, academically, and as Jews. When asked a couple of weeks ago what they considered to be the most important Mitzvah, several said, “Be kind to your friends and to other people.”

In Hebrew, students learned and practiced reading skills. The students have become good readers, reviewing and learning all the letters and vowels and many of the reading rules. The Gimel students learned vocabulary, grammar, and blessings while working on lessons in their textbooks. Bet learned to read all letters and vowels and learned vocabulary through conversation practice.

The students enjoyed learning about Israel. They learned about the Old City of Jerusalem and other historical cities and sites. They also learned about modern Israeli cities and towns. During the process, they learned the music, reviewing HaTikvah and learning a few more songs. Students learned about our holidays - the story of the holiday, as well as the symbols and customs, and some of the prayers that are particular to each particular holiday. They also learned about the Jewish (lunar) year, Rosh Chodesh, and Shabbat.

This class enjoyed learning. They asked great questions, noticed the little details, and thought deeply about new concepts. They were a treat and a privilege to teach.

During the summer, students will benefit from reading from their textbooks. The extra reading will make them better readers and help them get started with new material in the fall.

Morah Etta

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